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Hackathon Awards

About the initiative

SMAART IMPACT SEED GRANT is an initiative conceptualized by Dr. Ashish Joshi to promote data-driven technology-enabled innovations to solve population health challenges of the 21st century. He has launched this grant for students and recent graduates interested in designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating digital health innovations to solve population health challenges. He has conceptualized this program for supporting the minds that dare to think out of the box and are ready to bring a change in the community. He aims to encourage bright minds with right spirits.

Why participate

A platform for participants to highlight the most prominent and recent trends and data on Assistive Technology and functional impairment, accessibility, digital technology, wearable and wireless devices and many more diverse fields.

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to participate, be it students or professionals from various backgrounds. All you need is a passion for public health

How to participate

  • The interested candidates can register for the competition starting September 15, 2022.
  • The candidate can either register as a participant/ as an attendee for the event.
  • Candidates must pick one of these themes they are interested in presenting while filling out the registration form
  • Thematic areas as per the Disability Evaluation Under Social Security
    S.No Listing of Impairments
    1 Musculoskeletal disorders
    2 Special senses and speech
    3 Respiratory disorder
    4 Cardiovascular system
    5 Digestive system
    6 Genitourinary disorders
    7 Haematological disorders
    8 Skin disorders
    9 Endocrine disorders
    10 Congenital disorders that affect multiple body systems
    11 Neurological disorders
    12 Mental disorders
    13 Cancer (Malignant Neoplastic Disease)
    14 Immune system disorders
  • Submit a 350-word abstract concisely describing the chosen topic. Additionally, the participant is required to record a short video on their chosen topic. Please ensure the video is no longer than 2 minutes. Please email it to:
  • The participants are required to submit the latest copy of their CV in the same email thread to:
  • The acceptance for the final presentations notified to the respective participants by October 15, 2022. Three best participants will get an opportunity showcase their idea to an esteemed panel of judges and other attendees.

Evaluation criteria

  1. The judging sessions will consist of a fifteen-minute presentation given by the participant, followed by a question-and-answer session.
  2. Problem statement (5 points) - highlight topic and what problem it addresses.
    • Background
    • Objective
  3. Intervention/Innovation proposed (10 points)
  4. Implementation- describe how to address this problem and support it with scientific evidence (10 points)
  5. Outcomes Assessed (10 Points)
  6. Presentation (10 points)
  7. Significance and Relevance (5 points)

Note: Please ensure that your final presentation describes your chosen topic under headings as mentioned in the above list and supported by sound scientific evidence in the form of references.


  • The best three awardees of the presentation will be awarded prize money of INR 5000, 3500 and 2,500 each by Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society.
  • Certificate to winners and participants will be provided to all by Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society.

About FHTS

The Foundation of Healthcare Technologies is a National Society, SIRO recognized, and is the first of its own kind that integrates multi-sectoral segments through use of innovative e informatics platforms for an overall improvement of population health in underserved settings. The foundation will promote innovative ideas that can be practiced at the grassroots level so that solutions that are provided can be personalized, evidence based, research driven, context specific, and goal oriented and culturally adaptable to meet the needs of the diverse group of users. The foundation will form collaborations and partnerships across boundaries to address the growing challenges for providing better living to the individuals, families and the environment they live. We aim to build a unique environment that will bring innovations across multiple sectors resulting in a healthier ecosystem.