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Global Health & Medical Device Expo 2023 

  • The Indian market for medical equipment is predicted to increase to US$ 50 billion by 2025.
  • As of the medical devices market is estimated to be at US$ 12 billion in India.
  • India is the 4th largest Asian medical devices market after Japan, China, and South Korea, and among the top 20 medical devices markets globally.
  • India has an overall 75-80% import dependency on medical devices.
  • Export of medical devices from India stood at US$ 2.53 billion in FY21.
  • The US, Germany, China, Brazil, Iran, etc. are a few key countries that import Indian medical devices.
  • In one of the leading conference key stakeholders in the panel discussion on medical technologies stated that India would become self-sufficient in domestic medical devices manufacturing by 2025-26.
  • It is observed that the government is taking supportive measures such as promoting indigenous manufacturing of high-tech medical devices, production-linked incentive schemes (PLIs) on medical devices, boosting new medical devices park, etc. to boost overall growth of the domestic medical devices market in India.
  • About Exhibition 

    Global Health & Medical Device Expo (GHMD) is the largest gathering of Doctors, Hospital Owners, healthcare companies, technology, products and services in India. The event welcomes more than 200 exhibiting companies and 15,000 attendees from 20+ countries.

    As the country’s leading healthcare business platform, GHMD provides visitors benefit from attending in the following ways:

    - Buy Equipment / services for the Hospital

    More than 1000 exhibiting companies participate in GHMD with more than 2000+ products kept in display. GHMD serves as the most ideal platform to buy medical equipment / product / services for the hospital / clinics.

    - Get dealership from International Companies and reputed Indian companies

    Exhibitors from more than 20+ countries participate in GHMD. GHMD helps you to find the right partners or suitable representatives to promote medical equipment / products in other countries.

    - Get the best and latest in Healthcare Industry

    Discover thousands of products on display and evaluate the latest innovative products and solutions in healthcare across all ranges.

    - Get updates on innovations in the field of Healthcare

    A dedicated area at the show for you to immerse yourself in the latest healthcare innovations. Get to see the innovative products at the Innovation Pavilion. Attend GHMD Made in India Healthcare Innovation Awards to enrich your knowledge

    - Networking with the collaborating stockholders

    Network with more than 10,000 healthcare and trade professionals attending the show and connect with new suppliers, business partners and customers looking to do business.

    - Get to know How to manage and run your hospitals better

    GHMD Seminars & Conferences, one of the best attended conference in Indian Healthcare. Eminent speakers who have walked the talk share their experience, expertise, case studies in various aspects of managing a Hospital. Much care is put into this section to ensure they are not didactic and uni-directional but highly interactive and responsive. The Interactive healthcare Intelligentsia at Brainstorm GHMD dishes out nuggets of wisdom in a nutshell.

    - Attend special 1-1 business meets via Networking Zone

    Engage with companies coming in from 20 countries that will be showcasing the latest healthcare technology, products and services.

    Who attends?  

    GHMD is the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in India, welcoming over 10,000 attendees from 20+ countries. Following is the list of visitor's profile that makes GHMD an essential part of their yearly calendar.


    Medical practitioners

    Medical Practitioners may include doctors, physician, and surgeons. As a leader in the healthcare industry that emphasizes the importance of innovation, GHMD ensures that several avenues are available through the show for healthcare professionals to develop themselves. Not only does the event provide insights into the advancements of the healthcare industry through the exhibition, but dedicated.


    Purchasing & procurement

    Professionals who are tasked with purchasing and procurement responsibilities for healthcare facilities, educational providers and medical specialty associations use GHMD as a way of starting each year efficiently. Using the show as an opportunity to get ahead of the upcoming years product needs, they scope the full variety of options available and then have detailed discussions with attending key influencers from manufacturing companies to secure the best deals. Purchasing & procurement includes profiles like hospital owners, medical director, purchase managers, biomedical engineers, key decision makers, owners of Diagnostic & other Healthcare Centers and Key policy makers from the governmental sectors.



    Manufacturers of medical devices and equipment can use GHMD, as an opportunity to showcase their latest products in India healthcare industry. Companies varying from large organisations to smaller entrepreneurs participate in GHMD.


    Dealers & Distributors

    GHMD provides a beneficial experience for all dealers and distributors who are looking to connect with key industry players, sales and business development professionals tasked with expanding their product portfolios and entrepreneurs hoping to source the next big product to supply in their country. With 20+ manufacturing countries to choose from, choice is one thing that is not lacking when it comes to business opportunities at GHMD.

    Exhibitor Profile  

    Anaesthesia Products
    Bio Medical Instrument
    Blood Bank Equipment
    Cardiology Equipment
    Diagnostics Products
    E.N.T Instruments
    Electro Medical Instrument
    General Surgical Product
    Gynaecological Product
    Hospital Furniture & Fixtures
    Hospital Garment
    ICU/CCU Equipment
    Infant and Baby Care
    Medical Disposable Product
    Medical Gas Pipe Line
    Modular OTs and OT Equipment
    Neonatal Devices
    Operating Tables & Shadow Lights
    Operation Theatre Equipment
    Ophthalmic Instrument
    Orthopaedic Implants
    Pathological Instrument
    Physiotherapy Equipment
    Rehabilitation Products & Aids
    Suction Units
    Surgical Disposable
    Surgical Medical Rubber Goods
    X-Ray Instruments Hospital equipment & products
    Surgical Equipment Disposables
    OT & ICU Equipment
    Modular OT
    Dialysis Machines
    Imaging & Radiology
    OT Lights
    Endoscopy Equipment
    Autoclave, EtO
    Air-Conditioning Equipment
    Biomedical Waste Management
    Hospital Consumables
    Hospital Garments
    Medical Gas
    Infusion Pumps
    Rehab & Physiotherapy
    Home Healthcare Products
    Hospital Management Software
    Hospital Drapes & Curtains
    Analytical equipment & Products
    Medical Device Calibration Service


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