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Call For Paper

GATEC 2022 - Global Assistive Technology Expo & Conference


GATEC is the first global event for promotion of Assistive Technology in India. It is expected to provide a strong global network of leading assistive technology experts, professionals, and decision-makers. You can learn how to choose from the best existing technologies and get a first look at new ones as well as cutting-edge academic research. Teachers can learn proven ways to use Assistive Technology in the classroom. Hands-on workshops teach more advanced ways to use specific products. In community forums, practitioners, persons who use assistive technology, and their families can discuss issues with manufacturers and professionals

Why participate

It will be an ideal place to share your research work and learn about similar projects carried out or under process across the globe. It will help to engage with existing customers. It will enable you to reach international customers and find out new customer groups globally.

How to participate

  • The registration for the call of abstracts for the conference is OPEN NOW.
  • Interested candidates can submit their abstracts for the conference by October 15, 2022.
  • Notification of final acceptance to the interested candidates will be shared by October 30, 2022.
  • Candidates need to submit an abstract for poster/podium presentation (Maximum 350 words) in the following format:
(A): Background
  • Problem identified
  • Objective
  • Thematic area
  • Intervention/innovation proposed (if any)
  • Methods
  • Pilot data (if any)
  • Implementation plan
  • Outcomes assessed
  • Significance
(B): Thematic areas:
Thematic areas as per the Disability Evaluation Under Social Security
S.No Listing of Impairments
1 Musculoskeletal disorders
2 Special senses and speech
3 Respiratory disorder
4 Cardiovascular system
5 Digestive system
6 Genitourinary disorders
7 Haematological disorders
8 Skin disorders
9 Endocrine disorders
10 Congenital disorders that affect multiple body systems
11 Neurological disorders
12 Mental disorders
13 Cancer (Malignant Neoplastic Disease)
14 Immune system disorders

Scoring scale

  1. Problem statement (5 points) - highlight topic and what problem it addresses.
    • Background
    • Objective
  2. Intervention/Innovation proposed (10 points)
  3. Implementation- describe how to address this problem and support it with scientific evidence (10 points)
  4. Outcomes Assessed (10 Points)
  5. Presentation (10 points)
  6. Significance and Relevance (5 points)


  • The best six awardees of the poster (3) and podium (3) presentation respectively will be awarded prize money of INR 1,500 each by Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society.
  • Certificate to winners and participants will be provided by Foundation of the Healthcare Technologies Society in collaboration with the organizing committee